Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 2, July 2023 
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Ali A. Ghweil; Ahmed H. Abdellah; Mohammed H. Hassan

Immunotherapy with Intralesional Candida Albicans Antigen in Plane Warts

Pages 49-55

Hassan Mohammed Ibrahim; Randa Abd Al-Naser Hussien Kamel; Mohammed Abu El-Hamd; Eisa Mohamed Hegazy

Malignant Melanoma – A Single Institutional Analysis On Real World Data

Pages 56-67

Sakthi Usha Devi J; Prasanna Srinivasa Rao H; Balamurugan T.D.; Muhammed Owaise J

Evaluation Of Neopterin Level And Disease Severity In Patients With Psoriasis Vulgaris Treated With Narrowband UVB

Pages 81-87

Eisa Mohamed Hegazy; Hassan Mohamed Ibrahim; Fatma Elsayed Abd Elfatah; Ali Mohamed Younis

Diagnostic Value of Upper and Lower Endoscopy in Assessment of Patients with Microcytic Hypochromic Anaemia without Site-specific Gastrointestinal Manifestations

Pages 140-151

Mohammed Tag-Adeen Said Hussien; Huda Abdelhamied Mohammed Dardeer; Mahmoud Aboelsoad Gehlan Ali; Asmaa Abd elhakim Nafady

Laparoscopic Management of Perforated Peptic Ulcer: Multicenter Experience

Pages 187-197

Abdallah Mohamed Taha; Mahmoud Abdelhameid; Ahmed Saada; Ahmed Maklad; Ramy Hassan; Mohamed Abdelshafy

Immunohistochemical Expression of Estrogen Receptor Beta in Urothelial Carcinoma of the Urinary Bladder

Pages 241-248

Omnia M.M. Badawy; Sabah Ahmed Mohamed; Ahmed Mahmoud Hassan; Ghada Hosny Mohamed

Effect of Tadalafil on Penile Duplex parameters in Erectile Dysfunction Patients

Pages 249-255

Ali Mohamed Younis; Mohamed Amer Ahmed Abdellatif; Mahmoud Ahmed Ali; Mohammed Abu El-Hamd Ali; Abdallah Mahmoud El-Ebidi; Salah Mohamed Ali Maklad; Essam El-Din Abdel-Aziz Nada; Moustafa Adam Ali El Taieb

MALAT1 Gene Expression in Diabetic Patients with or without Nephropathy

Pages 256-265

Alia KM Mahmoud; Muhammed Ahmed Abd El Moety; Amal khalifa Ahmed; Samer A. EL-Sawy

Impact of incentive spirometer on tip shoulder and right hypochondrial pain post laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Pages 266-278

Ayat Ahmad Mohamed Bakr; Amr Mohamed AbdelFattah Ayad; Amr Abdelraouf; Amir K. Abosayed

Clinical presentations of Behcet's disease in Upper Egypt

Pages 340-346

Ola Mounir; Esam Ahmed Abda; Mohammed Ali Ismael

Validity of procalcitonin as diagnostic biomarker for infective endocarditis

Pages 347-352

Momen M. Thabet; Marwan S. Mahmoud; Ayman Khairy Mohamed Hassan; Ehsan A. Hassan; Khaled Mohamed Hassanein; Mona Hussein Abdel-Rahim

The incidence of Iron Deficiency Anemia in Allergic Rhinitis patients in Qena University Hospital

Pages 371-379

Usama Kamaleldin Taya; Ahmed Gaber Abdelraheem; Reham Farouk Sayed; Arwa Ali Selim; Mahmoud Khalefa

Surveillance for SARS-CoV-2 Variants of Concern and Initial Detection of Omicron using RT-PCR in the Kurdistan region of Iraq

Pages 408-415

Dlshad Abdullah Hasan; Sazan Qadir Maulud; Sharmeen Qadr Faqi; Rzgar Farooq Rashid; Jivan Qasim Ahmed; Karzan Abdulmuhsin Mohammad

Psychosocial impact of COVID-19 in rising generation: An observational study from India

Pages 416-426

Garima Agrawal Varshney; Nandini Dixit; Purti Agrawal Saini; Piyush Mishra

Modified Dismembered Technique of Laparoscopic Transperitoneal Pyeloplasty in Children

Pages 427-444

Mostafa Zain; Sameh Shehata; Ahmed Khairi; Mohamed El-Sawaf; Mohamed Abouheba

Revival of Endovascular Visual Assessment of Anastomotic Patency in Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery

Pages 471-481

Mostafa Ahmed AbdelRahman Mahmoud; Wael Mahmoud Hassanein; Ahmed Saleh Abo El Kassem; Mohamed Ahmed Zaki

Angiopoietin-2 in ischemic cardiac patients

Pages 482-488

Ahmed Magdy Abdelazim; Mohammed Abdelrazek Elsenbsy; Mohammed H. Hassan; Mohammed AK

Prevalence of Helicobacter Pylori Infection in Pregnant Women with Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Pages 522-530

Mohammad AM Ahmed; AbdElnaser AbdElgaber Ali; Zyad Adel Mohammad; Esraa Abbas Abdallah

Outcome of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) in Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) patients

Pages 531-540

Abd Elkader Ahmed Hashim Mohammed; Shimaa Abd Allah Ahmed Mahmoud; Asmaa Abd Elhakim Nafady Hgo; Haggagy Mansour Mohammed; Ghada Mohammed Abd-EL Razek; Dina Badry Mohammed Rabea

The acceptance and determinants of COVID-19 vaccine among the hospital attendants in Qena city

Pages 541-552

Reham Abdallah Mohamed; Ahmed Mohammed Mahmoud Hany; Asmaa Abdelhakim Nafady

Vitamin D mitigates hippocampus apoptosis induced by diabetes

Pages 586-596

Omyma Galal Ahmed; Khaled Ahmed Abdel-Sater Eliwa; Rana Toghan; Sabah Ahmed Mohamed Fadel; Sahar Marei Zaki

Comparative Study between High Resolution Ultrasound and MRI in Diagnosis of Rotator Cuff Tears

Pages 639-651

Alsayed Abdelhameed Ahmed; Ghada M. Abdelraziq; Khaled Hassan Mosallam; Heba Hassan Ahmed

Outcomes of Karydakis Flap versus Modified Bascom Technique in Treatment of Pilonidal Sinus Disease

Pages 665-675

Omar Mohamed Elrawy; Mohammed Ahmed Omar; Mohammed Ahmed Negm; Mohamed Yousef Ahmed

Genetic Profile of ACE (I/D) (rs4646994) Single Nucleotide polymorphism Among Sample of Egyptian patients with Alzheimer Disease in Upper Egypt

Pages 684-694

Mahmoud Ahmed Bekiet; Khaled Ahmed Elbeh; Mohammed Abdullah Abbas; Mohammed H. Hassan; Shimaa Fathy Sakr; Tarek Desoky

The Efficacy of Canagliflozin on Type 2 Diabetic Nephropathy in Male Rats

Pages 695-707

Manal M.G. Mourad; Fares E.M Ali; Sabah A. Fadel; Reham A.M. Ellisy

Effect of Quercetin on Diabetic Rat

Pages 708-728

Nada H. H. Abdel-Tawab; Hosny A. Hassan; Nesma M. Mohamed; Nashwa H. Hamad; Michel E. Fakhry

Role of Cytokines in neonatal Respiratory distress syndrome: A review article

Pages 770-786

Khaled Abdalla Abdelbaseer; Mohammed H. Hassan; Mahmoud Abo alhassan Sayed; Ali Helmi Bakri

Long Term Effect of Muscle Transplantation in Large Angle Esotropia and Exotropia

Pages 863-879

Doaa Abody Ahmed Mohamed; Ahmed Mostafa Eid; Sahar Torky Abdelrzik Abdelaziz; Ahmed Hassan Aldghaimy

Detection of Sella Turcica Anomalies in Relation with Malocclusion. Lateral Cephalometric study in Sohag Population

Pages 900-910

Abeer Fareed AbdEl-Naeem; Mahmoud Araby Abd El-Khalek; Tasneem Mohammed Ali; Naglaa Hammam Abo Eldahab

The medical and biochemical knowledge of health care professionals regarding the management of MERS-CoV: lessons from 2019 pilgrimage season in Al-Madinah, Saudi Arabia: A cross-sectional study

Pages 911-923

Mariam Eid Alanzi; Mona Ali H. Albalawi; Saeed Kabrah; Yasmeen Talal Aljehani; Ahmed M. Okashah; Ayman M Yenbaawi; Sami Saleem Alrehaily; Areej Meshal Aljumaidi; Bandar Alkabli; Mohamed Hamed Almutairi; Riyadh Alghamdi; Manal Ali Alsharif; Zohoor Dahie Aljohani; Rehab Ismail H. Alribyawi; Sultan Ahmed H. Alluqmany; Ahlam Awad Aljohani; Suzan Talal Aljehani; Zain Jaber Alghamdi; Ahmad Mohsen Aljermaawi; Amir Gadhyan Aldebeesi; May Mohamed Almutairi; Khalid Eid Alanzi; Nusaybah Eid Alanzi; Saud Idris Umar; Fahad Majed Almutari; Hamza Bakeet Altorgmi; Osama Abdel-Mageed; Abdel-Raheem Donkol; Mohamed Abdel-Haleem; Hussam H. Baghdadi; Salah Mohamed El Sayed