Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 2, July 2022 
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Pages 0-0

Ali A. Ghweil; Ahmed H. Abdellah; Mohammed H. Hassan

Visual outcome and postoperative complications after manual small incision cataract surgery versus phacoemulsification

Pages 1-9

Mohammed Jalal EL Din Hanafy Elshaar; Mohammed Mahmoud Elsayed; Ahmed Hassan Aldghaimy; Wael Elshazly

The Use of Platelet-Rich Plasma in Management of Chronic Tendinopathies

Pages 10-16

Elsayed Said; Ali Sayed; Mohammed A. Elfakharany; Hamdy Tammam

Letrozole and Clomiphene citrate versus Letrozole alone in ovulation induction for patients with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Pages 27-34

Mostafa Mohamed Khodary; Abd El-Naser Abd El-Gaber Ali Ali; Wafy Anwar Azaz Amer; Ahmed Hashem Abdellah

Is There a Correlation Between Pulmonary Inflammation Index With COVID-19 Disease Severity and Outcome?

Pages 35-50

Islam Galal; Aliae AR Mohamed Hussein; Mohammed M. Mohammed; Howaida K. Abd ElAal; Karim Aly; Islam ElNakeeb; Ahmed Hamdy Ahmed Mhsb; Mohamed M. Amin

Role of doppler ultrasound in comparison with MRI in diagnosis of placental adhesive disorders

Pages 64-74

Ayaat Umar Muhammad; Ahmed Okasha; Saeda M. Abd Elwahab; Hazem Hashem Ahmed

Role of Doppler Ultrasound in Differentiation between Benign and Malignant Lymph Nodes

Pages 75-82

Alaa Abdelhakim Taha Ahmed; Sabah Ahmed Mohamed Fadel; Ahmed Okasha; Saeda M. Abd Elwahab

Relation between Helicobacter pylori infection and non-alcoholic fatty liver Disease

Pages 83-89

Ali A. Ghweil; Ahmed Okasha; Mohamed Abd Elkader Mahmoud; Shamardan EzzELdin S Bazeed

Effect of Submucosal Injection of Sodium 2- Mercaptoethanesulfonate in Surgical Treatment of Deviated Nasal Septum

Pages 105-114

Ahmad Gaber Abdelraheem; Manar Mahran Sadek; Nehad Hassan Abdelrahman; Aida A. Abdelmaksoud

Diagnostic value of MR spectroscopy in suspicious breast lesions

Pages 115-135

Nahla Mohamed Ali Hasan; Mohamed Mamdouh Noaman Hussein; Naglaa Mohamed Abdelrazek; Mohamed Tharwat Mahmoud Soliman

Cardioprotective Effects of Nano-Vitamin D on Isoprenaline-Induced Myocardial Infarction Rat Model

Pages 136-151

Omyma Galal; Ahmed Mostafa; Haytham Mohamed; Ahmed R.H. Ahmed; Marwa S. Hashim; Nagwa Mohamed

The Patterns of pulmonary manifestations in ILDs in rheumatoid arthritis

Pages 152-158

Mohammad Ismail Abdelkareem; Wael Abdelmohsen Abo zaid; Hagagy Mansour; Fatma Badry Makhloof Hussein

Coagulation disorders in critically ill children admitted at pediatric Intensive Care Unit: A review article

Pages 173-180

khaled A. abdelbaseer; Abdelrahman A. Elsaid; Salsabil T. Mohammed; Eman A. Abdelmawgood

Clinical significance of turbid amniotic fluid on peripartum outcome

Pages 181-188

Mona Gad Mohammed; Mahmoud S. Iwes; Mahmoud Almolakab B Alrashedy

Frequency of Metabolic Associated Fatty Liver Disease among Chronic Kidney Disease Patients in Upper Egypt

Pages 189-199

Shamardan Ezzeldin S. Bazeed; Hanan Mahmoud Fayed; AbdelKader Ahmed Hashim; Omima Rabea Abdelrady Abdelhady; Shimaa Arafat

Clinical Audits of Sever pre-eclampsia Management at South Valley University Hospitals

Pages 200-208

Tahany Fathy; Mahmoud Almolakab B Alrashedy; Mahmoud Iwes; Mohammad AM Ahmed

Clinical Patterns and Risk Factors for Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Upper Egypt

Pages 209-215

Hasan Sedeek Mahmoud; Mohammed Tag-Adeen Said Hussien; Hager Seleem Abdelghaffar; Heba Ahmed Osman

Added value of MR spectroscopy to combined T2-weighted and diffusion weighted MRI in prostatic lesions characterization

Pages 237-252

Nahla Mohamed Ali Hasan; Mohamad Hasan Alam-Eldeen; Mohamed Abdelghany Elsherif; Mohammed Hazem

The role of serum lactate and enzymes in predicting perinatal asphyxia

Pages 262-273

Khaled Abdalla Abdelbaseer; Esraa Abass Abdalla; Ahmed Khalil Ahmed Ibraheem; Heba Mohammad Qubaisy

Outcome of Patients with Moderate and Severe Head Injuries in South Valley University Hospitals

Pages 274-288

Samira M. Saleh; Amr M. Tayel; Fatma Abdelrasol Ibrahim; Doaa M. El Shehaby

The Frequency and Risk Factors of Primary Knee OA in Qena Governorate patients

Pages 289-298

Asmaa Mohamed Ashraf El Said; Mohamed Ismail AbdelKareem; Khaled Abd Elmonaem Zaky; Eman Ragab Abd Elrady

Calcium and magnesium abnormalities in critically ill children

Pages 299-307

Taruna Vijaywargiya; Satyajeet Maurya; Sitikant Mohapatra

Short Term Outcomes Of Pedicled Versus Skeletonized Internal Mammary Artery Grafts In Coronary Bypass Surgery

Pages 336-347

Eisa Abdellah Ahmed; Waheed Gamal Eldin Etman; Wael Mahmoud Hassanein; Basem Adel Ramadan

Possible relation between H. pylori and bilateral nasal polypi

Pages 348-354

Zaki F. Aref; Shahenda Mostafa abdel Aziz; Sabah Ahmed Mohamed Fadel; Ahmed Gaber Abdel Raheem; Aida A. Abdelmaksoud

Genetic Polymorphisms Associated with Valproic Acid Therapy: Review article

Pages 355-361

Reham A.M. Ellisy; Ali Helmi Bakri; Safwat A. Mangoura; Mahmoud H. Abdelraheem; Hanan S.M. Farghaly

Imaging of choroidal neovascular membrane by optical coherence tomography Angiography

Pages 394-400

Somaya Ramadan Ali; Alaa F. Elsayed; Ahmed Hassan Aldghaimy; Mohamed Sharaf

Etiology, Pathogenesis, And Management Options Of Infra-Vesical Obstruction Due To Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, Urinary Bladder Stone, Or Both: Review Article

Pages 401-409

Ahmed Mahmoud Hassan; Mostafa Abdel Razek; Omar Mohammed Elsoghier; Ahmad Abdeen Ahmad; Atef Fathi Ali; Gamal A. Alsagheer

Role of Vitamin D in Childhood Epilepsy

Pages 410-419

Ahmed El-Abd Ahmed; Mohammed H. Hassan; Asmaa G. Mostafa; Ali Helmi Bakry

Vitamin D Status in Neonates with Hyperbilirubinemia

Pages 420-427

Ahmed El-Abd Ahmed; Mohammed H. Hassan; Faten B. Taqi; Nagwan I. Rashwan

Rheumatic tricuspid valve disease: Repair versus Replacement

Pages 428-441

Ahmed M. Elwakeel; Ashraf A.H. El Midany; Ismail N. El-Sokkary; Mohamed El-Hossiny Mahmoud; Bahaa A. Elkhonezy; Haytham M. Abdelmoaty; Mohammed Wael Badawi; Tamer Hikal; Mohamed H. Ahmed; Ahmed A. Khaled; Mohammed E. ElSaid; Ibrahim K. Gamil; Mahmoud khadrawy; Mahmoud Elwakeel; Eman Mahmoud; Ahmed H. Lamloom

Effect of nasal corticosteroid on cacosmia after COVID-19

Pages 461-469

Usama Taya; Ahmed Gaber AbdElraheem; Nehad Hassan Abdelrahman

Study of vitamin D level in acute coronary syndrome

Pages 470-483

Yasser M. Kamal; Hassen A. Hasanin; Zahraa Abdel-All

Anatomical and histological study on thymus development in the embryo and adult mice

Pages 533-546

Dorreia AbdAllah M. Zaghloul; Eman Ahmad AbdErahim; Basma Ashraf Yousef Abd El_Raheem; Mohamed Hashem Mohamed

Recent advances in robotic surgery for colon and rectal cancer: Review article

Pages 547-552

Hosny Mubarak; Hamdy Mohammed Hussein; Mohamed Ahmed Omar; Mohammed M. Mubarak

Dexmedetomidine Infusion for Post-Mastectomy Pain improves Patients' Quality of Life and Surgeons' Satisfaction

Pages 563-573

Mohamed A. Khashaba; Emad El-Dein M. Abdel Hafez; Shereen M. Abdul Wahab; MohamedH. Abdel Rahman

Response of axonal regeneration in chronic Bell's palsy to low intensity shockwave therapy: Randomized control trial

Pages 599-606

Abdelrazak A. Ahmed; Mahmoud Elshazly; Mahmoud S. Asal; Ezzat El Sayed Moubarak; Mohamed Rafat Borham Hussein; Islam El Malky