Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 2, August 2021 
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Pages 0-0

Ali A. Ghweil; Ahmed H. Abdellah; Mohammed H. Hassan

Acute kidney injury in neonatal sepsis: prevalence, and outcome

Pages 76-89

Magda Farghali Gabri; Waleed Ahmed Ibrahim Eltabakh; Asmaa Osama Osman; Hanan Mohammed Aly; Edrees Hasan Zaki

Age-related Histological Changes in the Renal Telocytes in Male Albino Rats

Pages 108-119

Abeer Madkour Mahmoud; Dorreia Abdallah Mohamed Zaghloul; Fatma Y. Meligy; Maha AA Fahmy

Effect of Tramadol Abuse on Male Fertility

Pages 120-127

Aya Saadeldin; Al Shaimaa Hasan; Mohammed Hassan; Gamal A. Alsagheer

Prognostic value of CD10, BCL6 and MUM1 in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

Pages 128-140

Asmaa M. Ahmed; Sally S. Abdel-Hakeem; Maged AF Amine; Etemad H. Yassin; Fatma A.M. Badary

Hepatocellular Regeneration and Necrosis Markers in Chronic HCV Patients under Sofosbuvir-Based Regimen

Pages 141-149

Amr Alnoby; Abdallah Elaiw Mohamed Ali; Ayman S. yassin; Hanan Mahmoud Fayed; Hasan Sedeek Mahmoud

The role of uterine artery embolization in management of abnormal uterine bleeding

Pages 203-211

Ahmed khalaf-Awad M.; Ahmed Hashim Abdellah; Ahmed Okasha Mohamed; Ghada M. Abdelrazek

COX-2 “Cyclooxygenase 2“as a Prognostic marker in Breast Cancer

Pages 219-230

Fatma Zakaria Abdel-rahman; Amen H. Zaky; Ashraf Zedan; Tarek M. Elsaba; Adel Gabr

Evaluation of minimally invasive versus conventional total hip replacement

Pages 231-239

Ahmed Khairy Mahmoud Awad; Hamdy Tammam; Elsayed Said; Hesham Hamed Refae

Evaluation of high cut Dega osteotomy for management of developmental hip dysplasia in children

Pages 246-256

Hesham Hamed Refae; Elsayed Said; Mohamed Tageldeen Elemary; Emad Hamdy Morsy Ahmed

Role of MR arthrography In Assessment of Glenohumeral Instability

Pages 313-326

Hamdan Abdelhameed Aly; Mohammad Hassan Alkousy; Khaled Fawzy Zaky; Mohammad Tharwat Mahmoud Solyman

Sleep quality and psychological status of health professionals in Egypt during COVID-19 era

Pages 327-340

Eptehal M. Dongol; Alia A. Saleh; Aliae AR Mohamed Hussein; Mohamed Moslem Hefny Mahmoud; Islam Galal

Comparison of hemodiafiltration and hemodialysis in patients with uraemic pruritus

Pages 341-347

Mohammed Abdelrazek Elsenbsy; Abdelrahman Abdelhamed Elsayed; Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Younis; AbdelKader Ahmed Hashim